Set-Up A Daily Routine In Your Homeschool

Set-Up A Daily Routine In Your Homeschool

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There are many benefits to setting-up routines, and they are specially useful when it comes to forming good habits in young children and they provide a sense of structure and familiarity even to adults. Did you know that children do better when they have predictable and regular routines? As we prepare for the coming school year let’s discuss the importance of setting-up a routine in our homeschools.

A good routine will build good habits, and habits enable you to complete tasks without having to think about them. Taking the time to complete small tasks for a short amount of time on a daily basis, can eventually save you lots of time. For example routinely putting things back where they belong, and doing one load of laundry a day will prevent having to take dedicated time off to clean out the garage, or catch up on piles of laundry.

Set-Up A Daily Routine In Your Homeschool

The difference between a routine and a schedule is that a routine is a sequence of actions that are generally followed, and a schedule is a plan for carrying out the process or procedure. As homeschoolers, we often talk about the flexibility and freedom we have to do as much or as little as we like, so schedules are not typically our favorite thing. Routines however, are not time specific, and still give a sense of order so many of us need. Because I’m a full-time working mom, and I work from home both early in the morning and in the late afternoon having a daily routine for my family and a schedule for myself, makes homeschooling possible.

As I’ve mentioned before, organization and maintenance is key in our home. With two working parents, two college students with busy schedules, and 4 homeschooled kids with extra curricular activities, there’s not a lot of time left for housework, or even meal preparation. We begin our days pretty early, so we’re able to accomplish a great deal in the mornings, in order to enjoy family time the afternoons.

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Here’s a quick overview of our daily routine:


  • Eat breakfast even when not hungry (I struggle with this one!)
  • Complete morning chores
    • Make beds
    • Start a load of laundry
    • Tidy up kitchen
  • Put dinner in the crock pot
  • Get our homeschooling on!


  • Finish laundry
  • Put away school supplies and toys
  •  Finish preparing dinner


  • Eat dinner and clean up after as a family as much as possible
  • Go out for a walk or exercise together
  • Watch an episode of our current family show on Netflix or Hulu (Brady Bunch as of now)
  • Put away anything that might be out-of-place, so the house is ready for the morning

To create your own routine, just make a list of what’s important to you, and figure out when it makes more sense to get each thing done. You might be more productive in the afternoons, or prefer to homeschool on the weekends (yes I know someone who does this).   Keep in mind your routine should make sense to you.

Do you have a set routine in place?

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