Establish A Household Chore And Maintenance Plan

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Establish A Household Chore And Maintenance Plan - We are called to be good stewards of everything we've been given, and that includes the homes we live in. There are simple steps we can take now to prepare our homes for the busy days up ahead.

As we get ready to close this series, and after spending so much time on our homeschool planning it’s crucial we don’t neglect our homes. I admit that the last thing I want to think about is all the chores and maintenance projects around the house.  I’ve never once looked forward to putting away laundry, cleaning out the fridge or organizing the garage, yet I expect those things to be done. Today, lets establish a household chore and maintenance plan.

We are called to be good stewards of everything we’ve been given, and that includes the homes we live in. There are simple steps we can take now to prepare our homes for the busy days up ahead.

Define what MUST get done daily.

Ask yourself which household chores you must get done everyday, and what does your husband like to see done when he gets home?

When I was a kid nothing made my mom’s mood more sour than a messy kitchen. Sure she liked to have the rest of the house clean too, but dishes in the sink, and messy counters still drive her crazy. My sisters and I would at the very least pick up the kitchen, to make her transition from a long day at work to home a little more manageable.

Come up with a simple morning routine.

In our home, no one leaves the bedroom until all the beds are made. You’d be surprised at how much more organized your home will be, just by doing this one thing.

Get the kids involved.

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I’ve met many families where mom did just about everything for everyone all the time. I know their intention is to bless their families by serving, however, many of the kids in these homes  are clueless as to how to operate a washing machine, or boil an egg.  As parents, it is our job to get our children ready for real life in the real world, where mom will not always be available. My mom taught my sisters and I to complete certain chores at a very young age. As a single working mother of four she needed the help!

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In our home, we’ve put a weekly chore rotation schedule in place. With six kids, there’s lots of help. At first chores were simple and not too time consuming, but as the kids have grown, they’s graduated into the main household chore rotation.

If you have littles, your list will certainly not look like mine, but getting littles used to a little bit of responsibility at a time will allow them to be disciplined and will teach them skills they will one day be thankful for.

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Schedule home maintenance projects.

I have a terrible memory these days, I forget more things than I remember, so having things written down helps me keep my sanity. Besides daily tasks like cleaning the bathroom, I like to intentionally set time aside to do tasks like:

  • Cleaning out the fridge
  • Organizing the pantry
  • Changing the filter in the vacuum cleaner
  • Changing the filter in the A/C unit
  • Running the automatic cleaning cycle in the washing machine (this takes forever!)
  • Organizing the garage
  • Routine maintenance on gym equipment
  • Cleaning out cobwebs and hosing down the house
  • Routine maintenance on pool equipment

Definitely not the kinds of things I want to sneak up on me in the middle of the day, or during a busy week. I encourage you to take some simple steps now, to avoid headaches and expenses in the months to come.

Do you have a routine in place for household maintenance yet?

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