The Relaxed Mom Homeschool Planner

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The Relaxed Mom Homeschool Planner

If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time you know I’m big on planning, organizing and pretty much trying to keep track of the many hats I wear on a daily basis. I love planners, yet I’m not into the glam planning that is so popular these days. I don’t do the stickers or elaborate layouts. I consider myself to be a ‘get to the point’ planner, as if that  was a real category.

I have two big problems when searching for a new planner:

  1. Though there are thousands of planners to chose from, most will have a number of pages I’ll never use; and though I only have to print what I need, the price reflects the number of pages (as it should).
  2. I’m always wishing they would have included something else instead of the countless  pages I won’t use.

That’s why for some time now, I’ve been using a spreadsheet as my primary homeschool planner, but my formatting always seems to be off when printing. Being the perfectionist that I am, I end up printing a million copies that end up in the recycle bin, until everything is sized and centered perfectly. Sigh. I’m anything BUT relaxed when this happens.

Enter the Relaxed Mom Homeschool Planner

Tauna at The Proverbial Homemaker just released this simple and beautiful planner.

What I love about it:

  • It’s pretty. What can I say? First impressions are important.
  • It’s simple. I have all the pages I need, and none of the pages I’ll feel guilty for not filling out.
  • It’s flexible. There are 3 different views of the weekly record, you can pick the one that works best for your homeschool, or switch off every once in a while.
  • There’s scripture throughout the planner. I have bad days, you have bad days and we sometimes need words of encouragement to just keep going.
  • The daily blessings and scripture cards are awesome.
  • There’s an ESV and KJV version.
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There’s an eCourse

I’ll be honest and say that I never thought of taking an eCourse for a planner, because ‘ I already KNOW how to use a planner’, however I’m very grateful for it.

The e-course went over things that I totally missed. Like the “Homeschooling Vision”.  I know what my vision is, it’s safely stored in my head, but Tauna encouraged me to write it out, and to actually complete this section with my husband. Yep, I’ve never actually discussed this very important subject with him. In my constant need to plan, organize and keep track of everything, I missed this very basic step.

Same goes for the student goals section. I wrote a whole blog post on setting goals, but I never thought of actually including them in my planner as a constant reminder of what we are striving for.

There’s also a few bonus features on the e-course. These include ideas for goal setting as well as a goal tracker for the kids, curriculum shopping worksheet, loop schedule planner, homeschool specific prayer reminders.

Overall, I felt encouraged. Not just encouraged to write stuff down on this pretty planner, but, spiritually encouraged to think of my homeschool more as a ministry than one more hat this busy homeschool momma has to wear.

Tauna is offering the Relaxed Mom Homeschool Planner and planner eCourse at the introductory price of $19 until August 16.

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