The Remarkable Truth About Intentional Family Devotions

The Remarkable Truth About Intentional Family Devotions

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I’ve been a Sunday school teacher at the same church for 10 years, so I’ve had the opportunity to see kids grown in their faith in Christ and serve, and I’ve also seen some of them walk away.  Intentional teaching of the word of God it’s not just up to you child’s Sunday school teacher. It’s your job as a parent. Trust me, I say this because I’ve met a parent or two who completely forget this fact.

The Remarkable Truth About Intentional Family Devotions

Statistics show that two-thirds of church kids walk away from church after questioning their faith before they become adults. How can this be? Why are we letting this happen?

More importantly, what can we do to prevent this from happening to our own kids?

One big step we can take towards completely eradicating this depressing statistic, is by starting intentional family devotions.

Years ago, we began a Saturday morning Bible study as a family, and this study later inspired something amazing in the life of a group of boys. We’ve been reaping the benefits of that study ever since.

To read more, head to Intentional in Life, and set-up a time for intentional family devotions today.

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