Tween and Teen Character Training With Adventures in Odyssey

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With Adventures in Odyssey

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My girls have always loved the Adventures in Odyssey series. We listened to them often when they were younger but as they hit the tween and teen years they slowly started to loose interest. However, I always keep a CD or two with me, in my Sunday school bag. I teach 4 year olds and they still go crazy over the silly adventures.

Earlier this month, I finally received a brand new CD, and like always, I sat down to listen to it before presenting it to my Sunday school class. I played the CD in the van as we ran errands, and before I knew it, all four girls were silent, and attentive to the story. I loved how it brought me and my girls back to earlier years. Years when they would listen to the goofy stories, comment, giggle at the sheer silliness.

Character Training Through Audio Books

For years we’ve used audio books in our homeschool. We’ve listened to classics, history lectures, and apologetics debates. But audio books for character training had never crossed my mind!

Here I was previewing an audio book for my Sunday schoolers, when I suddenly realized my girls (middle and high schoolers) were very sneakily gleaning lessons in character training. SCORE!

As my girls get older, and their interests vary from theater to engineering, it can be extremely hard to keep up with all-the-things I need to teach them. Character training can fall to the very bottom of the pile and be completely forgotten before you know it. Audio books, I realized are the easiest way to make it surface to the very top and make it a priority.

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Tween and Teen Character Training With Adventures in Odyssey

Who Can Benefit from the Adventures in Odyssey Series

As kids get older, and become more independent, their relationships with mom and dad begin to change. Teens are more interested in fitting in with their friends, than connecting with mom and dad. I speak from experience, I’m the mother of 2 adult children, 2 teen girls, and 2 tween girls. I’ve seen nearly every stage.

I recently realized, that listening to the Adventures in Odyssey series didn’t only bring me back to my kids younger years. It also reminded them of those times. This series is not just relevant for the little ones as I thought. It’s still relevant to my big kids today.

If you have older kids like I do, I encourage you to try and listen together. After they get past the goofy voices, silly scenarios, and what my girls would call cheesy lines you’ll laugh and maybe even cry together. You’ll be brought back to simpler times.

What We Loved about this Series

Our favorite story on the True Friendship  & Reconciliation series was Up in the Air. This hilarious story is full of twists, Wooton looses his memory and frantically searches for his new bride Connie. The best part was discovering each of the crazy adventures Wooton went on before loosing his memory. My girls also loved the B-TV: Revenge stories, we’re still quoting some of those today.

If you want to find out more about Up In The Air, you can hear an episode preview here.

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