Typesy, The Typing Course

Typesy, The Typing Course You’ll Actually Use

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 Typesy, The Typing Course

I forgot how to type. If you’re a mom, you’ll understand what I mean.

I learned how to properly type in high school. Fingers in the right keys, 75 words per minute, blah, blah, blah. Not that I typed that often back then, but it was a skill I was proud of, until I gave birth to kid number four.

I was working part time as an IT technician at the time, so typing was an essential part of my job. When maternity leave was over, and I went back to work I realized just how much I had been affected by mom brain. I had completely forgotten how to type.

Suddenly I was pecking at the keyboard with my index fingers, taking 10 times longer than I did before. To this day, I don’t understand why, or how it happened, and improvement has been slow.

A few years ago I purchased a typing program for myself and the kids. However it was so boring, not even I could get myself to practice! Some time after that, I tried a couple of online courses, but still couldn’t get myself to improve, or the kids interested.

Finally, I heard about Typesy, and though it looked similar to programs I had tried in the past, I was just a little bit hopeful.

Typesy is a typing course that I’m actually using.

As a homeschool mom, I’m always on the lookout for fun interactive ways to engage my kids in every subject they’re learning. And the longer I homeschool, the more I’ve learned to try things myself, before rolling them out to the kids.

I decided to try Typesy for six weeks to see if I could actually improve, and use regularly without loosing interest.

You know what? I’ve improved!

Typesy, The Typing Course

What is Typesy?

Typesy is a comprehensive keyboarding curriculum, based on the science of muscle memory. It focuses on proper and accurate touch typing techniques, that work. They are so confident you’ll see results and will continue using their program that they have a 12 month + $50 refund & guaranty. They will actually pay you $50  if you’re not satisfied.

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That’s a pretty rare guarantee!

Set-Up Is Easy

Since Typesy offers a homeschool version, you can easily add students to your school, create classes and enroll them. The software will then keep track of their progress in typing speed and accuracy and unlock levels as they move through it.

All student progress data is easily accessible from the admin dashboard.

The beginner courses focus on punctuation, numbers and symbols. Follow up courses focus on building accuracy, speed and fast dictation typing. Students also have the ability to improve their skills through games (my preferred way). I’ve sat at my desk as late as 1am just playing accuracy games.

Typesy, The Typing Course

Just Some of the Features Worth Exploring

Video Lessons – The interactive lessons feature video lessons, explaining the purpose and process of the exercise.

Cloud Based – Since the lessons, and user progress are stored on the cloud, it’s available on multiple devices, anywhere at any time.

Family, Big Family & Co-Op Options – Typesy is conveniently priced for families with 4 kids and co-ops of up to 30 students.

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