A Joyful Victory Against AB 2756, But The Fight is Not Over

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A Joyful Victory Against AB 2756, But The Fight is Not Over - After Assembly Member Medina presented AB 2756, the committee chairman addressed the audience and called all those in support. A woman came forward, and stated her approval, after whom thousands followed with their disapproval, and supported the homeschool community.

A little bit over a month ago, two infamous bills were proposed in the California State Assembly. Assembly bill 2756, authored by Assembly Member Jose Medina, and 2926 authored by Assembly Member Susan Eggman.

I dare use the word infamous, since both, were filed nearing the end of the legislative season (a little sneaky and underhanded for my taste), and both were aimed at the homeschool community.

After intense pressure, the biggest threat to homeschoolers in California (AB 2926) was pulled by the author. However Assembly Member Jose Medina, stood his ground. He tried to make several amendments to his bill, in order to make it appear less threatening, however the bill in any shape, way or form was an absolute NO for the homeschool community.

Homeschoolers Invade the State Capitol


My daughter and I had the opportunity to make the 433 mile trip, to join thousands of homeschoolers from all over California, at the State Capitol. We arrived a little after 8AM, and saw that Nathan Pierce from Family Protection Ministries was first in line. With cell phones in hand, and teenagers in tow, my traveling companions and I stood in the hallway outside the Education Committee, patiently waiting for the 1:30PM hearing.


Slowly the hallways filled. Parents with children of all ages, with strollers and backpacks in tow. Kids played cards in the hall, some played video games, others brought along their school work. The ladies I was with joked about doing dissections as we waited in the hall. There was laughter, and friendships were made as the hours went by, and the crowds grew larger.

As the 1 o’clock hour neared, legislators and building personnel walked the halls, smiling and waving at those in line. Some took pictures and shook hands, as they instructed us on how we would proceed.

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United We Stand

Minutes before the hearing began, our homeschool group leader, her son and others joined in prayer over the committee’s decision.

At the committee hearing, after Assembly Member Medina presented his bill, the committee chairman addressed the audience and called all those in support. A woman came forward, and stated her approval, after whom thousands followed with their disapproval.

One by one, people of all ages walked up to the microphone and opposed AB 2756.

For the next 3 hours, with tears in my eyes I watched close to 3,000 people stand to protect the rights of our children. Among those who opposed this infamous bill were homeschoolers (duh!), public schoolers, private schoolers. Public school teachers, law enforcement personnel, concerned grandparents, concerned citizens with zero ties to the homeschool community, and even a legislator.

As I sat in that room, my husband, my girls and the rest of my family watched the live broadcast back home, cheering, rejoicing, and celebrating the unity of the homeschool community.

Hours later, as we waited for our flight and the committee’s answer, I came across the following tweet, and tears once again, filled my eyes.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to share a little bit about my experience with CBN News. You can read the article here.

The Fight is Not Over

During his opening remarks, Assembly Member Medina stated there wasn’t anything ‘sinister’ about his bill. He also went on to say ‘the state needed to know more about homeschools’, and admitted this particular bill had been spawned by the Turpin case.

As I prepared to make the trip to Sacramento, I struck up conversations with members of the homeschooling community, both online and in person, and was shocked at the lack of understanding of homeschool laws, as well as the lack of knowledge of what was going on right under our noses.

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Parents, I plead you to stand up and fight for homeschool freedom.

Jeff Vaca (Riverside County of Education), one of the supporters of AB 2756 stated that both “the state and the parent have rights”. Read that again. He is under the impression, that the state you live in has a right to YOUR children.

They are your kids, they are my kids. The state, has no rights, end of story. #ab2756 #ab2926 #parentalrights Click To Tweet

Friends, do not let what California homeschoolers did last week, go un-noticed. Yes, this is a time to rejoice, a time to celebrate an amazing victory, however it is also a time to prepare.

Stay in the loop, find out what’s going on in your state. Are there any laws, regulations, bills that are trying to make their way in un-noticed?

Share with us below, don’t be shy. I’m already in, I’ll go ahead and do the digging for you!

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