Do You See What I See? - Highly Visual Apologetics Resource

Do You See What I See? – Highly Visual Apologetics Resource

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 Do You See What I See? - Highly Visual Apologetics Resource

Apologetics is my passion. I started this blog 5 years ago, intending to make that my focus, but as our lives changed and homeschooling took over every aspect of our lives, the blog focus changed as well. Since my passion has still not shifted, a friend and I will be launching a new site in March, with apologetics at it’s core.

With that said, I’m always looking for great apologetics resources, specially those geared to a) parents, and b) kids. Last month, I received a copy of Do You See What I See? High Altitude Evidence for the Worldwide Flood by Chuck Renstrom, and it’s been my go-to resource since.

Though I received this book for free for review purposes, I can honestly say, never have I ever used a resource more in such a short time, as this one. When it first arrived, I shared it with some mom friends, who like me at first were awestruck by the photography. It took a few phone calls and text messages to get the book back in my house a few weeks later. At least three  families benefited from it, just in the first two weeks.

When it finally made it’s way back to me, I had a chance to really spend time with it, with my own kids, and we’ve used it as an additional science resource since.

Evidence of the worldwide flood is everywhere.

On a podcast interview, Renstrom mentions he saw had the inspiration for this book while out on a photo shoot, using the ‘high dynamic range’ (HDR) photography technique. HDR is when you take a series of photographs of the same subject, at different exposures. The color and contrasts that are normally unseen become clear on the images.

The color and light contrasts on the images, allow you too see some pretty amazing evidence of animals seeking shelter as the flood water rose. You’ll notice both dinosaur tracks, and remains of marine animals at high elevations of the Colorado mountains, canyons and caverns.

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Why We Love It

I can’t count how many times my girls and I (particularly my 7th grader) have looked through it’s pages while working on a science lesson, discussing history, or during our morning devotions.

1. It’s illustrated numerous creation, Genesis flood and evolution discussions.

Textbooks are great, they’re full of valuable information and you can really get to know your subject. Living books are fantastic, because they allow you to get in the story, however picture books can show you. And this has been huge in our household.

2. It’s like a visual guide for the fossil record.

My 7th grader was stuck, trying to understand the fossil record on her own. Her textbook had a plethora of information, and a few images, but nothing she could really look at.

3. It’s not just for kids.

I lead an apologetics for parents group locally, and I’ve used this book as a reference and as a starting point for discussions parents can have with their children.

Why You Need A Copy

Two of the families who borrowed this book when it first arrived, were drawn to it solely due to it’s presentation.We all like pretty things! It’s a great conversation starter, just leave it on your coffee table, and see what happens.

Both families engaged skeptic friends and family as a result. They had meaningful conversations and real opportunities to share the gospel with people who normally wouldn’t engage. If that’s not enough, I don’t know what is!

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