Weekly Wrap Up | Sleep Deprivation

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This past weekend we increased our household size by 5. My sisters were out-of-town, so the nieces and the nephew spent a few days with us. I’m really enjoying being an auntie these days, specially because of the new babies. Since my youngest is already 9, it’s been a long time since we’ve had babies in the house. I can absolutely say, that it was more work than I remember.  I don’t think I have the energy for a brand new baby at this age, I’m sure glad I had mine as young as I did

On  Monday, we started our last week of homeschool, and at the same time we started our first week of summer school. My niece and nephew will be spending a few mornings a week with us this summer for reading, spelling practice and some writing drills. Since the usually public schooled cousins will be schooling here over the summer, my girls we very exited to participate. We do plan on getting lots of pool time in as well of course!

On Wednesday, my son opened up our home for a free summer acting workshop for middle and high school students in our homeschool group. This fall he’ll be starting his third year as a Film & Theater major, so he’s full of ideas and eager to share what he’s learned in college so far. I love all the planning and tought he’s put into it. This will be an 8 week-long workshop. So far 18 kids are signed up. I’m exited to see the progress at the end of the summer.

Did I mention my son is in community play this summer? Since many of the actors are working adults, rehearsals start pretty late in the evening, and drag on until after midnight. This means that after rehearsal and dropping off a fellow actor, he doesn’t typically get home until about 1:30 am. Just like my mother warned me when I was younger, it’s been nearly impossible for me to get to sleep until he is safely at home, and with my work shift begging at 5:30 am, sleep has been scarce.

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Wish i could sleep like this guy!

Today I decided to cancel summer school for the day to catch up on sleep and just enjoy the sun poolside; and that’s just what I did.

Do you have a hard time going to sleep when your older children aren’t safely at home?

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