What Happens to Your Homeschool When Mom Is Sick?

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In three years of homeschooling, we’ve been interrupted in a variety of ways, unexpected long-term visitors, broken bones, construction, etc. This week the source of the interruption was me.

We’ve had a couple of rough weeks, and just as I was getting ready to get back ‘into it’, I got hit slapped by the flu bug. I usually catch it every December, and though it stinks because it’s right smack in the holiday season, I’m also usually on vacation both from work and school, so I have time to rest and recover. This time it came during our school season, as if it wasn’t bad enough that we are in the middle of preparing for a last-minute move.

So what can you do when mom gets sick, and you homeschool?

1. Take time off.

This seems like the most logical option. If you asked my kids, and my husband, they would all yell  “VACATION” but taking extra time off now, to me means having to make up for it in the summer. It’s not such a big deal with the younger ones but I also have a high schooler with a strong desire to graduate a year early in order to spend some time in the mission field before going to college.

I’d love to say my girls are great at working independently, but that is not the case. We work on most subjects together; we like it this way. It’s also easier for them to understand and remember important information, when we actively discuss it as they learn.

Because I still work a full-time job while homeschooling I look forward to having a summer off as much as the girls do.  It’s one less thing I need to worry about. I know others may feel differently, but in my case, taking time off is not an option.

2. Get some help.

One of my younger sisters has been coming over to help out on days I have to drive out to the office. She’s familiar with the curriculum, she loves to learn whatever the girls are studying and she’s just exited to be a part of our journey. She sees it as sort of her training to become a homeschool mom someday (I love that this is one of her goals). This would have been my ideal solution if she hadn’t gone into labor 3 weeks early. This week, she’s enjoying her 2 week old baby girl.

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If you do have someone eager to help and learn with your kids as I have my sister, I encourage you to get them involved. Having her come over has been a huge blessing.

3. Work through it.

Being the list maker, box checker, obsessive perfectionist that I am; I’ve decided to work through it. Having this list making obsession actually prepared me for this week without me even knowing it.

Weeks ago, as I planned our history, science and literature units I made a huge list of books, movies and documentaries I was hoping to get to. Last Wednesday we stopped by the library to pick up some of the books on the list. I was going to try to incorporate them into our lessons this week and the timing could not be more perfect. This week we’ve watched a great deal of very informative documentaries, read great stories and have some more lined up for the rest of the week.

If you can take the time off when you’re sick, by all means do it. We tell our kids to rest up and take it easy when they are sick, so we should be able to do the same every once in a while. However, if you chose not to, it helps to be prepared.

Do you have a sick day plan? After this week, I’m definitely getting one ready for next time.


  1. These are some great ideas! You are amazing! Homeschooling AND full-time work. Sick days aren’t an option…huh? Moms are not allowed to be sick. I do have a sick day plan…sort of. The kids do their independent work and the work we do together we replace with an education video. They also do school with their dad in the evening if necessary. Thanks for sharing this. Hope you feel better…Blessings.

    1. Thank you 🙂 there’s nothing I do on my own strength. I did call out of work today, so I take a sick day sort of. Videos and dads are great back ups. Thank you for reading!

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