The Reasons Behind WHY We Homeschool

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The Reasons Behind WHY We Homeschool - Just like every good and responsible parent, we want the absolute best. Often times, that absolute best comes with sacrifices, like surviving one on a single income, or working overnight in order to teach our children in the day. A sacrifice that it's worth it's weight in gold. 


Homeschooling has become more and more common in recent years, and the reasons WHY so many of us choose to homeschool have grown.

The NCES (National Center for Education Statistics), compiled a report with the reasons parents chose homeschooling over conventional schooling. Their latest report, was published in 2003, and though the numbers of homeschoolers in 2018 have grown, the reasons are still relevant.

The top 5 reasons, listed were:

  1. Concern for the environment at other schools.
  2. Dissatisfaction with instruction at other schools.
  3. To provide religious or moral instruction.
  4. Child has a physical or mental problem.
  5. Child has other special needs.

Is your reason among one of these?

I asked some friends to share their WHY, and these were some of their responses:

We didn’t want the government educating our children. We feel it is our responsibility and our privilege as parents to do so. We remembered all the wasted time in our own public school education, and not being able to work on our own level (either behind or ahead) in the quest to ‘stay with the class’.
– Marjorie

I’m homeschooling my sons because I feel it is important to instill our values and beliefs into our children, not the school system’s. We believe in and support a Biblical worldview and want to train our children to understand and embrace our faith as a core part of who they are. I also feel strongly about homeschooling because it will allow me to embrace their learning style, teach to my child’s strengths and help them work through weaknesses.
– Angel from Experience His Freedom

 It was a calling for us! Homeschooling wasn’t even on my radar, but God had a different plan! Since beginning homeschooling 9 years ago, His perfect plan has been revealed piece by piece and the reasons are many! Safety, morality, teaching to their strengths & strong family bond to name a few!
– Forest from Kingdom First Homeschool

My why has changed over the years. We initially started homeschooling because we were living in a failing school district and my husband and I were unwilling to send our boys there. We have since moved to an award-winning school district but we continue to homeschool them for a variety of reasons. We love the flexibility, the ability to teach our boys about our faith, the unique education we’re able to provide for our sons, and the close family relationships we’ve developed.
– Michelle from Homeschool Your Boys

I homeschool because my son (who is autistic) was academically advanced, but socially behind. This made him a major target for bullying. The schools wouldn’t give him an IEP or help as he essentially wasn’t “autistic enough.” After it began to completely crush his spirit, I knew homeschooling was our only option. If we lost that option, I shudder to consider into what that bullying could turn him.
– Jill

Anti-Homeschool Bills You Should Be Aware Of

Parents ought to have a choice in their children’s education.

My WHY has changed over the years. In the very beginning my WHY was dissatisfaction with school administrators after a bullying incident that was not handled properly. A year later after deciding homeschooling was not for me I sent my kids back to public school. Three years later, another bullying incident, followed by the school system deciding what was appropriate to teach my young daughter, prompted me to homeschool my middle schoolers once again. Two years later I brought the rest of my girls home because we were sickened by the falling moral standards of school administrators, poor curriculum requirements, and lack of an action plan to keep my gifted kids engaged.

Let me be clear, and say that my intention is not to bash the public school system, or the hard working educators (my dream was to be one of them), but to say that parents ought to have a choice. These children were given to us, to watch over and care for, and just like every good and responsible parent, we want the absolute best.

Often times, that absolute best comes with sacrifices, like surviving one on a single income, or working overnight in order to teach our children in the day. A sacrifice that it’s worth it’s weight in gold.

Ddid you know that our homeschool rights are at stake?

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20+ Posts Dedicated to Why We Homeschool

It’s clear to see that we’re not alone. Despite common misconceptions, homeschoolers are not just a handful of denim-jumper-wearing-weirdos.

We look just like everyone else. Shop at the same stores, and just like concerned public school parents, we want the very best for our kids. For us, giving them the very best includes individualized education, which we choose to deliver ourselves.

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Why do YOU homeschool? Share a comment below, tweet your WHY to @themusingsofmum or share your WHY on Instagram using the hashtag #whyihomeschool.




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